Genius Greatness Biz Blueprint

Are you ready to start or scale your biz ? 

Genius Greatness Biz Blueprint

Whether it’s a side hustle or full-time biz you’re launching, it’s hard to know where to start and what’s most important. It’s overwhelming. It’s easy to doubt yourself. It’s easy to get roadblocked by fear. But what if I told you there are just four simple launch hacks that will set you up for short and long-term success success, enabling you to grow a biz and lifestyle you love?  

Banish the roadblocks standing in your way by letting me share with you:  

  • How to become sought-out for your expertise and offerings
  • Ways to attract customers with less effort and in less time 
  • Growth hacks that don’t sacrifice family time, your relationships or financial well-being  

Does this sound like you? Have you ever :

  • Considered starting your own biz but need a plan to make income shaking off the golden handcuffs 
  • Dreaded Monday mornings thinking, “Why do I keep going to a job where I’m not valued and put in more effort than everyone else?”
  • Look into your kids eyes every time they ask you to play feeling guilty and realize how fast they’re growing (“Why am I working so many hours for someone else anyway?”) 
  • Have great ideas and are sick of them being disregarded - “If I’m going to put in all this work, I want to see it come to fruition!” 
  • Stare at the ceiling every night worrying how you’ll pay the bills
  • Have a great biz idea but you crave the clarity on how to get started  

Well I have a resource for you.  

But I don’t want to waste your time! You know this resource is not right for you if

  • You want a “quick fix”, magic bullet and aren’t willing to do the work 
  • You don’t have control over your business (such as an inflexible business partner or a tightly regulated franchise) 
  • You don’t follow through and are not self-motivated 
  • You don’t invest in your development 
  • You are an entrepreneur already making six figures and paying yourself well (we have other programs for’s not this one!) 

What if I could provide you with a resource that shares :

The #1 mistake entrepreneurs make that robs their time, lifestyle and bottomline

The #1 secret to generating revenue fast and sets you up to scale up faster

The #1 source for finding your perfect clients (and by the way, they’re already waiting to buy from you)

The best 5 tips to lock in stability and sustainability into your biz (BTW, you don’t learn this in any MBA)

How does this resource help?

“Sarah’s virtual program, provided the clarity and direction I needed to make the confident leap to my new path as entrepreneur. Here I am, two years later, successful, happy, grounded and more available to my family.”

Caroline Davidson, The Functioning Executive

“Sarah's presentation at the International Coaching Federation Conference spoke to me as an new business owner so much that I hired her as a coach. She helped me recognize my worth as far as my fees, and help me narrow my focus as I built my business. This past year has welcomed a lot of growth both professionally and personally, and I attribute a lot of it to my coaching with Sarah!” Marni Pasch, ADHD Coach

“Sarah is a dynamic coach; she shares effective strategies on how to grow your business, provides endless encouragement, and helps you deliver results that reflect your vision. She will motivate you be accountable for your progress, keep you moving forward, follow your dream, and pursue your passion.”

Dr. Allison Agilata, 3C Coaching

About the Author, Sarah McVanel

Sarah never planned to become an entrepreneur. When one of her kids had a mental health crisis, however, she quit her senior leadership job and launched her biz without a plan, an MBA or financial backing. With hustle and a family-first focus, she grew her business to six figures in eighteen months, being nominated for multiple business awards, and travelling the world. 

Seeing how happy she was, other burgeoning and established entrepreneurs began to ask her how she did it and could she help them. Now, along with her core work as a recognition expert (speaking internationally, coaching leaders and building recognition programs for multinational corporations), she now pursues her passion project, helping other entrepreneurs who like her, want to shake off the golden handcuffs and reinvent, having the income, family life, and lifestyle they love.

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